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To register for a course, please write to : koduopetajake@gmail.com.


Courses of Estonian at different proficiency levels

  • Individual lessons or lessons in a small group
  • Courses of Estonian at the A1 level
  • Courses of Estonian at the A2 level
  • Courses of Estonian at the B1 level
  • Courses of Estonian at the B2 level
  • Courses of Estonian at the C1 level
  • Individual lessons or lessons in a small group (2-5 participants)
  • A flexible approach, where we take into account each learner’s needs and wishes



The price for a lesson of Estonian is 30 euros per academic hour (45 minutes). The price includes study materials.

  • Distance learning online throughout the whole study year (in a group or individually)
  • Individual lessons online throughout the whole study year
  • Tutoring lessons in the classroom or online
  • Courses at different proficiency levels (online or in the classroom)

NB! Estonian private individuals can apply for an income tax refund of 20% of the course price from the Tax and Customs Board.

"For every nation, the most beautiful thing is its native language."

Paul Ariste

About us


MTÜ Koduõpetaja (a non-profit association) was founded by two experienced Estonian language teachers in 2021. The hobby school Koduõpetaja works at the association.

We teach Estonian as a mother tongue and as a foreign language to both children and adults.

General information

Ways to assess the proficiency level

  1. Self-assessment. With the help of the self-assessment grids developed by the Council of Europe you can assess your proficiency by yourself.
  2. A writing and speaking test at the hobby school of Koduõpetaja (you can arrange a testing time by phone: tel. 55657716 in Tartu and 5226193 in Tallinn).
  3. An international examination at Tallinn University (Centre for International Examinations).
  4. Estonian language proficiency examination (see Estonian language proficiency examinations).


Kristi Oolo

Teacher of Estonian

Since 2021, University of Tartu/master’s studies in teaching the Estonian language and literature
1997-2001, Tartu School of Teacher Education/Teacher of Estonian as a foreign language

Kristiina Rattasepp

Teacher of Estonian

2018-2021, Tallinn University/Teacher of the Estonian language and literature/M.A.
1997-2001, Tartu School of Teacher Education /Teacher of Estonian as a foreign language

Maksym Kasianczuk

Teacher of Ukrainian

Organization of courses

MTÜ Koduõpetaja has the activity license for the following Estonian courses:

  • Courses at the A1 proficiency level;
  • Preparation for the A2 level proficiency test (the licence No. 1.1-3/22/66 of the Ministry of Education and Research);
  • Preparation for the B1 and B2 level proficiency test (the licence No. 1.1-3/22/60 of the Ministry of Education and Research);
  • Preparation for the C1 level proficiency test (the licence No. 1.1-3/22/97 of the Ministry of Education and Research).

The teaching is done in academic hours (45 minutes per each lesson).

Language teaching

groups for language courses are formed based on the proficiency level.

The conditions for completing the course and the documents issued

At the end of the course, the learners have to pass a final test that covers writing, listening, reading and speaking skills.

The precondition for completing the course is the participation in at least half of the lessons and the passing of the final test. The participant will receive a certificate.

If the learner does not pass the final test, but has participated in at least half of the lessons, the learner will receive written proof of participation.

Learning environment

The classrooms meet all health and safety requirements and are equipped with the necessary tools for language learning.

Registration for the language courses

To register for the language courses, please write to koduopetajake@gmail.com, or call 5226193 või 55657716. To assign the learner to a suitable study group, a proficiency test has to be taken.
Those registered will receive a confirmation via e-mail, including the details about the place and time of the lessons, the course plan, the price of the course and the name of the teacher

Payment for the language courses

The course should be paid for by the deadline indicated on the invoice.
Upon agreement, it is possible to pay for the course in instalments according to the concluded payment contract.

The participant has the right to withdraw from the course and request a refund on the next working day after the first language lesson.
In case of interruption of studies for a valid reason, the learner can join the next group.

The teaching of lessons

The time of the course can be postponed for up to one month, or the course can be cancelled if the minimum number of students has not registered by the start date of the course. In case of cancellation of the course, the paid course price will be returned.
Lessons cancelled due to the teacher’s illness will be taught later by agreement with the course participants.

Ensuring the quality of teaching

  • The curricula have been drawn up based on the standard of continuing education and other legislation.
  • The curricula are reviewed and updated at least once a year.
  • The language courses are taught by teachers who have previous experience of teaching foreign languages to adults.
  • All the tutors of the preparatory courses for the Estonian language proficiency exams have a higher education in linguistics.
  • The classrooms are well lit, and the rooms are large enough so that students can move around the room during active learning if necessary.
  • There is an internet connection in the classrooms.
  • The classrooms are equipped with a board, a computer and other audio-visual presentation equipment.
  • The course participants fill out a feedback survey at the end of the course.



The curriculum of the A1 level of Estonian
The curriculum of the A2 level of Estonian
The curriculum of the B1 level of Estonian
The curriculum of the b2 level of Estonian
The curriculum of the C1 level of Estonian


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+372 5226193


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